LISA CAT – Primary Lead Teacher

Lisa Cat.jpg

I love being a Montessori teacher! My own personal beliefs of how children learn and grow are reflected in this educational philosophy. My love of working with young children began when I was a teenager and started babysitting. What began as a way to earn pocket money, quickly evolved into a life-long passion. From then on, I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to guide young children, be with them as they learned and grew and to share in their sparkle for life. Here at La Mariposa Montessori, I get to do this every day.

I began taking early childhood educational classes at Eastern Michigan University and I worked at several traditional pre-schools in the area, but something didn’t feel quite right. It wasn’t until I was hired as a summer camp assistant at a Montessori pre-school, that I began to understand how children truly learn and grow. The Director, seeing my interest, supported my training. Later, I moved to Massachusetts to continue studying this intriguing method of education; completing additional coursework at the Northeast Montessori Institute. I was hired as an intern at a Montessori school in Northampton, Mass. and after completing the year of training, led one of the primary classrooms for the next three years. Here in New Mexico, I picked up the last of my coursework to receive an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and also received the Primary Montessori Training Certificate through the North American Montessori Center.

I have been a teacher at La Mariposa for the past fourteen years, leaving only long enough to have my son, Ayden, then returning when he was old enough to participate in the program. He graduated from the program this past year . Having a child go through the materials, from primary to 6th grade, has widened my appreciation of and furthered my understanding of the Montessori philosophy. I am proud of my soon-to-be 13 year old, and I know that his self-confidence, charming manner and interest in life was fostered at this school. I am excited to share my love for teaching and learning with your family and look forward to another year of Montessori Magic!