KATY KAISER - Pre-Primary AMI Lead Teacher


Katy Kaiser comes to La Mariposa with a degree in Early Childhood Development, and over twenty years of teaching experience. Working as an early childhood teacher, Katy felt that the children were not achieving their full potential. She knew they were capable of more, and this drew her to the Montessori philosophy.  Because of her fascination with human development along with her wish to inspire children, she went to Portland, Oregon to pursue her Montessori training. In 2013, she completed her Assistance to Infancy AMI training (for ages 0 to 3) at Montessori of the Northwest.

Katy believes that the best way to build a more productive and compassionate world is through instilling the Montessori philosophy in early childhood.   In her classroom at La Mariposa, Katy will guide the development of the children with an emphasis on growing their independence. Self-care, care for their community and environment are incorporated in the Practical Life lessons.  Katy will also incorporate aspects of culture, nature, gardening, art and anthropology stemming from her upbringing in Taos, New Mexico.  

When Katy is not in the classroom, she can be found hiking, biking and camping in the Rocky Mountains.  She also enjoys doing yoga and spending time with her husband, Greg Kaiser (music teacher at LMM), and her adult children.