RACHAEL PITKIN - Elementary Assistant


Early childhood was a magical time in my own life.  Living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the world of plants, animals and special places was right outside my door.  My father, a librarian, provided books and told long stories. My mother taught me to bake, sew, macramé and garden. When I was ten, we moved to a town in Colorado, where I longed for the special experiences of my past.

During high school, I took up babysitting and often assisted teachers who taught young children.  I soon found that I could share my past joys with children by simply being available to their needs and interests.  Their joy, peace and confidence brings me my own satisfaction.

I came to Santa Fe in 1997 to attend St. John’s College.  After graduating, I found that my most passionate interest was still children and I went straight to work with children in Santa Fe.  My continuing education classes included Children’s Literature and Early Childhood Development. Since then I have worked at various unique and creative pre-schools including Playschool for the Arts and Garcia Street Club, as well as being a guest artist at the SF Children’s Museum.  Now, I am thrilled to join this beautiful Montessori community and share my expertise in singing, story-telling, puppetry, arts, crafts, cooking, gardening and love of nature with your children.