REBECCA JOHNSON - Pre-Primary Assistant


I began working with kids as a volunteer at the Starsmore Discovery Center in Colorado Springs.  The aim of the nature program was to raise the childrens' awareness and respect for the natural world, and develop future stewards of the planet.  Not only was it so much fun leading groups through different activities, it awakened my own sense of wonder towards the potential of a child.  I dedicated my time to finding a full-time job working with children and happily stumbled upon a Montessori School looking for an assistant position.  I have been a Montessori advocate ever since.

After working in Colorado as a Montessori Teacher Assistant, and at the Nature Centers running children's programs, I moved to Santa Fe and found La Mariposa. Because all of the children were so content and kind, and the teachers were so remarkably dedicated, I gratefully accepted a position assisting in the 3-5 year old's classroom.  

In our classroom, the children are beginning to willfully interact with their world and with others.  The value of good communication becomes essential, and I love the way that our Montessori classroom empowers children to learn appropriate phrases that are direct and yet neutral to resolve problems or get their needs met. 

When the idea of children being self-directed is manifest you will see it empowers them to find their interests, and express their personality.  It is a beautiful environment that I get to walk into every day, well-prepared to keep each child engaged and learning.  I am truly joyful each day to share this place with your children.  My vision is to continue mastering the art of guiding your children's learning, and also incorporating my nature program experiences into their day.