SCOTT PLUNKET - Elementary Assistant


I light up around kids of any age which I think is a quality I inherited from my father who was a pediatrician. He was his happiest around children and that's true for me as well, whether that's one of our four kids or meeting a toddler at a restaurant. I enjoy their originality, honesty and spontaneity, their belly laughs and their quick, open minds. My wife pointed this out to me recently and urged me to look into going back into teaching. I could not be happier than to be back in a Montessori Classroom with my first mentor in this field, Katrina Holder. A little about how I got here.

I studied Theatre Arts at Dartmouth College and Semiotics (Film) at Brown University where I wrote and performed in main stage and black box productions. At Brown I won a graduate playwriting contest for a piece reviewed by one New York theatre critic as “giving me the heebie-jeebies, in the best way." I'll take it.  I also enjoyed the opportunity to punch the clock as a Boston bike messenger, a weekend group home manager and a drummer in a 10 piece funk band!

All of those experiences were put to great use after arriving in Santa Fe in the mid 90’s and becoming Katrina's Elementary Assistant, first at Desert Montessori and then helping her open La Mariposa in 1996.  I learned so much from our students, and Katrina, who guided me into leading classroom activities and field trips. Those moments when I got to help children read for the first time or collaborate with them to adapt a book into a play, or watch them bang out a rhythm on my drums, have always stayed with me.

I'm delighted to be back in a Montessori classroom after a long break working behind (and occasionally in front of) the camera, on New Mexico film productions from “Longmire” and “Crazy Heart” to “Terminator” and “The Magnificent Seven”, and teaching adults at Santa Fe Improv all the while.