Tours & Observations

We are proud of our beautifully prepared environments, and we're eager for parents and visitors to take the opportunity to observe the many ways children are inspired to find deep concentration and independent engagement in our learning community. Those of us raised in traditional schools find it hard to imagine what makes Montessori classrooms tick. While tours are a great way for brand new visitors to get a quick feel for the energy and the industry in our classrooms, observations are the best way to see what Dr. Montessori meant when she said, "The children are working as though I didn't exist." 

Tours typically cover the majority of the campus, while observations most often require a 15 - 30 minute commitment to sitting in a single environment. We will provide some instructions and guidance to observers to ensure that your experience is as fruitful as possible.  

Except for parents with an active interest in an immediate classroom placement, tours and observations are suspended for the first 6 weeks of the school year, giving both children and guides an opportunity to settle into their classroom routines and personal work habits. Tours and observations resume each fall in the second week of October.

Please call or email the school to set an appointment for either a tour or an observation.

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